About Us

Vast is an online magazine dedicated to celebrating the creativity and brilliance of fat people and paying them for that work. Every article you see and all featured artwork is submitted by fat creators, and those creators are paid for those contributions. Our goal is to empower fat creators and to give them opportunities to have their work published. We make this happen through crowdfunding and advertising sales as well as via Patreon.

Vast is founded on the principles of intersectional fat liberation. We strive to lift the voices of the most marginalized in our community: Black and Indigenous fat people, non-Black fat people of color, disabled fat people, nonbinary and trans fat people, superfat and infinifat people, unhoused fat people, etc.

If you would like to have written work or artwork considered for publication, check out our submissions page!

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Soup (Amanda) is our part-time Administrative Director! She works behind the scenes doing things like making sure creators have contracts and that they get paid. She likes baking and getting lost in random YouTube rabbit holes.


Ash is our Founder and editor (and webmaster and ad sales person and most other things). Basically you’ll see a lot of her around here! She likes animals and cookies. Also animal cookies.