Ash Notes — Letter from the Editor

Sometimes the Best Laid Plans are Thwarted by Tragedy, but We Learn to Go On

Dear Reader,

If you’ve been keeping track, you might have noticed that this mag was supposed to launch on October 4, 2021, but it did not. Most of you who follow me on social media probably already know this, but a week before that I lost my incredibly beloved brother to suicide. It’s been indescribably hard, and I wrote about my brother and what this loss has meant to me much more thoroughly in Andy, the piece of my own that I included in this inaugural volume of Vast. For two weeks I wondered if I could even still manage to get this project to launch, but if I know anything about my brother it’s that he was enthusiastic about and proud of the work that I do, so I’ve decided to figure out how to dust myself off and (with the help of a wonderful therapist) learn to go on. This issue of Vast is dedicated to my brother’s memory.

When I first started thinking about this project, I wanted it to be about giving fat writers and artists and photographers a place where their art could be celebrated. What was even more important, though, was that they could see that that art had value, so I knew that I wanted to pay these creators. But unfortunately I am neither independently wealthy nor do I know any generous benefactors who are, so I decided to crowdfund. I was incredibly nervous about the prospect of that, but I decided to let this dream exist and to present it to my community.

And my community showed up. We raised over $15,000 in total. You can see a list of the literal hundreds of supporters who helped us get where we are right here.

Because of that generous support, for this first month we have included the work of 8 writers, 2 fine artists, and 1 photographer, all of which are fat. More importantly, though, we paid all of these creators for their contributions.

And we have the budget to keep going! And as long as you all keep supporting us, we’ll continue showcasing fat creatives and paying them for their work. Join our Patreon here.

If you’re a fat person and want in on this, learn about submitting here!

We’re doing this, and we’re doing it together, and I can’t think of anything better or more soul-soothing. Thank you.

<3 A

Ash (she/her) is the founder and editor of Vast, founder and host of The Fat Lip Podcast, and the creator of Infinifirsts, a once-monthly Instagram project honoring superfats and infinifats. Ash is a person with many many ideas and projects that have never come to fruition. The ones that count have, though. As a writer she's low on metaphors and high on em dashes. As a person she deeply gives a shit about fat people and has dedicated herself to improving our position in this world. She also loves burgers, sad songs, her spouse, and her animals.