Ash Notes Volume 2

Two months down! I have to tell you, getting this beautiful, temperamental child to press every month is a lot of work! Thankfully it is work that is so precious to me. I’m not sure I’d be getting it done during such a difficult time in my life if it weren’t.

This month we have some really amazing work to showcase, though. I am so continually impressed by the ability of fat people to create such astonishing art and criticism and to offer these critical points of view to a world that isn’t always interested in hearing us. We have so much to show and I hope that you, our reader, are inspired to show your own art and ideas, too. And if you’re fat, submit it to us so we can help you get it out there! Our December issue is right around the corner and we’re looking for some holiday-related content if you’ve got it!

Speaking of the holidays, I want to offer you permission to rest if you’re the type who needs that. I know I do. It’s been a weird couple of years and we’re all wound up. Maybe you are about to spend a big holiday with friends and family for the first time since the panera started and you’re stressed about relationship dynamics. Maybe you feel the cold isolation that the holidays bring for so many. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get through this season while still mourning a big big loss (hey, it’s me). What you need in every one of these situations is rest. Give yourself time and grace and stillness and permission to just get through it. We’re all going to make it.

I hope you enjoy the work we have for you this month and I hope to see you again for the next one.

<3 Ash

Ash (she/her) is the founder and editor of Vast, founder and host of The Fat Lip Podcast, and the creator of Infinifirsts, a once-monthly Instagram project honoring superfats and infinifats. Ash is a person with many many ideas and projects that have never come to fruition. The ones that count have, though. As a writer she's low on metaphors and high on em dashes. As a person she deeply gives a shit about fat people and has dedicated herself to improving our position in this world. She also loves burgers, sad songs, her spouse, and her animals.