Ash Notes: December 2021

Did you know, dear reader, that Vast has a community calendar?

Well it does! And it is just dying for you to submit your events!

The Vast Community Calendar is intended to be a place where fat community members can host their talks, yoga classes, craft bazaars, etc. so the rest of us can show up to support you! There are only two guidelines:

  1. The event must be relevant to the community. That doesn’t mean it has to be explicitly fat-related though! We would certainly love to put your Victorian Costuming Club events on the calendar! As long as you can vouch that fat people are welcome there, we’d be thrilled to include it.
  2. You must post any necessary accommodation information–seating, parking, elevator info, etc.– and be willing to provide a contact email for questions that potential attendees with specific needs might have.

This is the internet, though, so I should also say that inclusion in the Vast Community Calendar is at the discretion of our editor (coincidentally: me) and or appointed moderators.

So, do you have an event that you want the community to hear about? Submit it here! And see what’s coming up here!

Help us make this a useful community resource so we can all support each others’ unique ventures!

Ash (she/her) is the founder and editor of Vast, founder and host of The Fat Lip Podcast, and the creator of Infinifirsts, a once-monthly Instagram project honoring superfats and infinifats. Ash is a person with many many ideas and projects that have never come to fruition. The ones that count have, though. As a writer she's low on metaphors and high on em dashes. As a person she deeply gives a shit about fat people and has dedicated herself to improving our position in this world. She also loves burgers, sad songs, her spouse, and her animals.