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Ash (she/her) is the founder and editor of Vast, founder and host of The Fat Lip Podcast, and the creator of Infinifirsts, a once-monthly Instagram project honoring superfats and infinifats. Ash is a person with many many ideas and projects that have never come to fruition. The ones that count have, though. As a writer she's low on metaphors and high on em dashes. As a person she deeply gives a shit about fat people and has dedicated herself to improving our position in this world. She also loves burgers, sad songs, her spouse, and her animals.

My name is Ash, and I love reality TV.

by Ash Nischuk

I know that making New Years resolutions is passé now. We are too evolved, life is too short, and capitalism is too oppressive in 2022. But I kinda do it anyway. This year I resolve to keep this little Vast

We all thought we’d be having fun, festive celebrations with our friends this year, but nope.

by Ash Nischuk

Did you know, dear reader, that Vast has a community calendar? Well it does! And it is just dying for you to submit your events! The Vast Community Calendar is intended to be a place where fat community members can host

Letter to the Editor, November 2021

By Ash Nischuk

I lost my brother, Andy, to suicide.

Ash Nischuk

A spooky story without a morsel of anti-fatness.

by Ross Wade, as read on

The Fat Lip

Sometimes the best laid plans are thwarted by tragedy, but we learn to go on.

Ash Nischuk