Author: Brittany Cannon

For nearly ten years, Brittany Cannon taught English Language Arts in the Mississippi public school system. Now, as Chief Program Officer for the non-profit, Ophelia’s Place, she is able to combine her experience in education with her passion for body liberation. Brittany has a passion for helping people identify and eradicate the oppressive belief systems targeted at our bodies. In her role as Lead Educator for The Every Body is Beautiful Project Digital Course, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight about how people learn and connect with one another. Brittany has a deep love of educating others on topics that spark self-reflection and that generate actionable and systemic change. Follow Brittany on Twitter at @MrsCannonB.

I am an unloved daughter.

by Brittany Cannon

The Constant Effort to Silence & Steal from Black Voices

Brittany Cannon