Author: Brittney Pugh

Brittney Pugh hasn’t been published since 2009, but her Mom framed all her old articles and she is pretty confident that she hasn’t lost her mojo. If she isn’t writing poetry in her Notes App or practicing self care (read: avoiding house work), she is probably hanging out with her family. How else would you expect her to have the inspiration to generate content? She legitimately googled “hire a bot to write a bio”, found nothing, so this will very likely remain-as she ever is-a work in progress.

In January I study new beginnings hoping to break whatever curse this is.

by Brittney Pugh

Advice on being more communicative, on the language that we use to talk about fat people, and on feeling like an experiment.

by Brittney Pugh

Advice on the power of "fat", the holiday table, and adult friends!

By Brittney Pugh

Advice on Ghosting, Asking for Accommodations, and an Inconsiderate Partner

Brittney Pugh