Featured Artist: Tiane Goines

I am Tiane Goines (they/them/she/her). I am from Brooklyn, NY and I currently live there. I am a young, Black, fat, and gender non-conforming artist that is looking to take my creativity in different directions. I graduated from La Guardia Community College and my Associate’s degree in Fine Arts.

My recent pieces are made digitally from my own photos.This is a new way of rebranding myself using a different medium. I wanted to tap into design, technology, and so much more.

My most recent artwork, “I AM ART”, is a digital piece I’ve included myself in because I am the representation I want to see in terms of identities; a fat, black person in a society that perpetuates anti-blackness and anti-fatness.

My next project will be something similar, but I’m taking it to another level that involves my many other interests.

I am also an active participant of Gowanus Mutual Aid. The Mutual Aid group in Gowanus, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, is made up of different people from and living in this area and it gives us all an opportunity to organize in ways that makes real change in people’s lives.

“Black Revolvement”

"Black Revolvement" by Tiane Goines


"I AM BLACK" by Tiane Goines


"NYPD K" by TIane Goines

Tiane Goines (she/her/they/them) is a young artist who is from and lives in Brooklyn, NY. She graduated from Laguardia Community College in 2020 with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts. As a young artist, Tiane is eager to expand their creativity in design and technology as she has many varied interests. Tiane is also an active participant of Gowanus Mutual Aid. This is a mutual aid group of the Gowanus Neighborhood in Brooklyn that works on actions to help people in the neighborhood. See Tiane's work at http://www.instagram.com/tina.melanin and http://www.twitter.com/tinamelanin