free lunch ross wade

FREE LUNCH by Ross Wade – Audio from The Fat Lip

Last year for Halloween I searched and searched for a creepy story to read on The Fat Lip. Unfortunately, finding one that is fat-related but not dripping in anti-fatness is nearly impossible. In 2019 my friend Ross Wade recommended “Royal Jelly” by Roald Dahl, and that suggestion was so spot on that I went back to Ross again. The thing is, though, that Ross himself is a talented and accomplished writer. Even though prose isn’t typically his thing, he graciously agreed to work on something especially for The Fat Lip.

What resulted was so, so good. “Free Lunch” is eerie and unnerving in the best possible way. Even better, though: every character is fat, but there’s not a stitch of anti-fatness.

When putting the inaugural issue of Vast together, I knew I wanted to slip in some bits of The Fat Lip. What better way to do that in October than with “Free Lunch”? Plus I really just want more people to hear (and read) this story!

Read the full text of “Free Lunch” here!

Ash (she/her) is the founder and editor of Vast, founder and host of The Fat Lip Podcast, and the creator of Infinifirsts, a once-monthly Instagram project honoring superfats and infinifats. Ash is a person with many many ideas and projects that have never come to fruition. The ones that count have, though. As a writer she's low on metaphors and high on em dashes. As a person she deeply gives a shit about fat people and has dedicated herself to improving our position in this world. She also loves burgers, sad songs, her spouse, and her animals.