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I'm grateful for the opportunity to guest edit Vast for Black History Month. It's important for you to know that my role this month is not indicative of tokenism. Ash makes it clear that she will ALWAYS center marginalized voices.

Last Days of Summer Today I won’t write yesterday’s poems, only your face,plums, jam on bread and butter. The pitch of pleasure that presentsitself like weeping. My love, even here, in our pied-à-terre, we can’tescape dark waters. We row the canal,

My name is Ash, and I love reality TV.

by Ash Nischuk

I fell in love with caving in 2010 the first time I went to a wild cave.

by Amata Hinkle

I know that making New Years resolutions is passé now. We are too evolved, life is too short, and capitalism is too oppressive in 2022. But I kinda do it anyway. This year I resolve to keep this little Vast

In January I study new beginnings hoping to break whatever curse this is.

by Brittney Pugh

We all thought we’d be having fun, festive celebrations with our friends this year, but nope.

by Ash Nischuk